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Ragna SS: Anyone can fall in love anytime

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Here is a character sketch:

Raghav Singhania: A boy who was quite cheerful and loving turns out hating everyone and becomes rude and arrogant due to the loss of his mother at the age of 10. He only loves his father and his bhabi (sister-in-law) a lot and cannot bear any comments against his family members.

Kalpana Jadhav: A girl who is bubbly and mischievous and loves playing pranks with everyone. She comes from a middle class family and has just lost her father at the age of 8 while her mother dies when she was 2 years old. (She is not at all sacrificing and humble like in EMA LOL)

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Vikram Singhania (Raghav's father): He is a noble and humble man and the sarpanch (head) of the village. He loves all the people of the village and always does justice with them. He is the friend of Rajeev Jadhav (Kalpana's father) and so agrees to get his son Raghav married to Kalpana Jadhav. He is always strict with his son Raghav and wants Raghav to become polite with others but his son never listens to him.

Sunaina Singhania (Raghav's babhi): She is a widow of Rohit Singhania (Raghav's brother) and is living in the Singhania house. She loves Raghav a lot and treats him like her son and respects Vikram. She is fond of Kalpana too.


Rajeev Jadhav: A middle class man who loves his daughter a lot and is a father and mother to her as her mother died when she was only 2 years old. He is the friend of Vikram Singhania and when he comes to know of his sickness and that he is going to die soon, he requests Vikram to get his daughter married to Raghav even though it's a child marriage as he wants to be sure that his daughter is in safe hands after his death.


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Friday, 16 January 2015

Ragna SS: Haunted House (A house with many secrets)

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Character sketch:

Raghav Singhania: A 28-year-old business tycoon who lost his parents when he was 6 years old. He has been living with his care taker Rajesh for years and he is a father figure to Raghav. He is the sole founder of Singhania Industries in Panchgani and the company has branches all over the world. He is calm and composed in nature. He is polite to his employees but he does not believe in having friends and is considered to be a loner.

Kalpana Kapoor: A 23-year-old girl who has lost her parents at the age of 10 and has been living in a hostel since childhood. She remains away from relationships as she fears that if she is close to someone, she might lose the person. She is a graduate in English literature and loves to read books and works as a Content Writer.

Rajesh: Works for Raghav in his house and after Raghav's mother and father died, he has been looking after him and he stays with him in his mansion.

Preeti Kapoor: Kalpana's aunt. She loves Kalpi as her own daughter and as much as she loves her own son Prem.

Rajeev Kapoor: Kalpana's paternal uncle. He is strict by nature and he was not in favor of Kalpana living all by herself in the hostel but after Preeti's approval, he agreed for the same.

Prem Kapoor: Kalpana's cousin brother. He is very playful and a prankster by nature. He loves Kalpana a lot and treats her as his own real sister.


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