Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Anyone can fall in love Anytime Season 2

Character Sketch:

Main characters:

Raghav Singhania: A 26-year-old Software Engineer who doesn't believe in marriages but wants to lead his life as he wishes. He is well known as a Casanova in college but has a different personality when it comes to work. He believes in being independent rather than depending on his dad's money but he is still waiting for the right opportunity that will help him manage his own business and become as successful as his dad. 

Kalpana Kapoor: A 21-year-old girl who is currently pursuing her graduation. She is an aspiring actress as she wants to work for a regular 9-5 job and hear taunts of any boss. She wants to be her own boss unlike her family members who have regular jobs. She wants to be a free bird but her family insists on making her get married after her graduation.

Singhania family:

Shakuntala Singhania: Mother of Vikram Singhania and the widow of Rajvanshi Singhania (Vikram's father). She loves her family the most but she appears strict when it comes to her grandson Raghav's future. She knows that he isn't quite serious about getting married and hence she spends time in finding the best wife for her grandson.

Vikram Singhania: A business man who owns an empire of 5000 crores. He is an obedient son, loving husband and a strict father.

Gauri Singhania: Being a mother, she has always let Raghav live his own life. She believes in the modern world and runs a posh beauty parlor. For her, her status and appearance in society is all that matters after her family.

Prem Singhania: Younger brother of Raghav and the son of Vikram and Gauri. He is an obedient son and he loves his elder brother a lot.

Kapoor Family: 

Harivanash Kapoor: Kalpana's grandfather. He works for the income tax department and honesty is his first policy. He loves his grand daughter a lot and pampers her too.

Sunaina Kapoor: Kalpana's grandmother. She is a housewife and has always helped her children to fulfill their dreams. She loves Kalpana a lot and always argues with Kalpana's dad when it comes to her grand daughter's wishes.

Rajeev Kapoor: A lawyer by profession and Kalpana's father. He is strict at times but loves his wife and only daughter Kalpana a lot. He respects his parents as well but he does not approve when they try to pamper Kalpana at times as he fears that she might get spoiled because of their pampering.

Kasturi Kapoor: A housewife and Kalpana's mother. She wants to get her daughter married after completing her graduation as she believes in the old customs and traditions. 

Preeti Kapoor: Sister of Rajeev and aunt of Kalpana. She is unmarried and after her fiance died, she never got a boy who was interested in getting married to her. She loves Kalpana a lot and always supports her in her wrongs and rights.

Priya Raizada: Kalpana's best friend and an aspiring fashion designer. She is a bit amateur but playful in nature.