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Ragna SS: Love & Lust


Today is my first day and it will be the first time when some will touch me, my body and my soul. I don't know what will be the feeling of being touched by a person whom I don't even know. He will be my first customer.

CUSTOMER' This term hurts me so much. I never ever wanted to come in this field and today here I am sitting in a room of a hotel, waiting to lose my virginity.

I can't even cry as this job has been chosen by me. I have willingly stepped in to this dark world and now I need to control my emotions no matter how disgusted I am feeling right now. I...I need to do this and I need to satisfy my customer. I am being paid for this and I have to make him happy no matter what he does to my body.

Carol mam has told me that the customer will be polite and not be cruel with me but still I am scared. I need to control myself and not make my emotions come in my way. You need to satisfy your customer Kalpana. Smile and show that you are happy doing this job.

I hear a knock at the door and I compose myself. I arrange my top and my short skirt. This dress was given to me by Carol so that the customer gets seduced and enjoys himself. After all, he is paying for this. However, I am feeling very uncomfortable with this skirt as it's too short and my stomach is visible from this top. I can't even cover it.

I take a deep breath and wear the shoes. The heels are so big but I have learnt how to walk with them.

I walk faster towards the door and open it. I smile as I notice my customer before me. He looks stylish and rich. After all, Carol only works with business men who can pay her fees.

This man looks damn handsome and dashing. He doesn't look like a man who needs to pay for this but no matter what, I need to satisfy him today. He crosses his legs before me and checks my dress out. I feel he has noticed I am uncomfortable with my skirt and so I stand straight before him and widen my smile saying "Come in Sir."

He smiles, stuffs his one hand in his pocket and second hand on the hinges of the door. He walks inside the room and I just love his style of walking. He looks around the room and I ask him "What would you like to have sir?"


I look into his eyes and see the desire for me. I feel choked for a moment and try to behave calmly. His perfume is mesmerizing and I feel an unknown attraction towards him.

He comes near and whispers with a smirk "I paid for you right. So come let's start."


Chapter 2

Saturday, 4 July 2015

Ragna SS: I'm Watching You (A psychopath killer)

Character Sketch:

Main characters:

Kalpana Raichand: A 22-year-old girl. She is far away from the girls of her age who believe in friendship and love and she believes in achieving something on her own. She is straight forward and has a reserved nature. Her main focus is her studies and being independent to support her family.

Raghav Singhania: A 26-year-old boy. He is very calm and composed by nature. He studies in the same college as Kalpana and considers her as a friend.

Raichand Family:

Vikram Raichand: Kalpana's father and a retired judge. He always fought for the truth and his decisions have always been right except for one case that changed his life and so he took a voluntary retirement.

Kasturi Raichand: Kalpana's mother and Vikram's wife. She is a homemaker.

Rohan Raichand: Kalpana's 10-year-old brother. He is a prankster but he loves his sister a lot and is her darling brother.

Raizada Family:

Rajeev Raizada: Vikram's best friend and a retired police officer.

Arnav Raizada: A 28-year-old professor of a college and Rajeev's only son. He is also a friend of Kalpana.

Other characters:

Prem Kapoor: A 24-year-old boy. He is Kalpana's college friend and he has a soft corner for Kalpana He has expressed his love for her but since Kalpana doesn't believe in love, she ignores his feelings but does respect him as a friend.


Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Anyone can fall in love Anytime Season 2

Character Sketch:

Main characters:

Raghav Singhania: A 26-year-old Software Engineer who doesn't believe in marriages but wants to lead his life as he wishes. He is well known as a Casanova in college but has a different personality when it comes to work. He believes in being independent rather than depending on his dad's money but he is still waiting for the right opportunity that will help him manage his own business and become as successful as his dad. 

Kalpana Kapoor: A 21-year-old girl who is currently pursuing her graduation. She is an aspiring actress as she wants to work for a regular 9-5 job and hear taunts of any boss. She wants to be her own boss unlike her family members who have regular jobs. She wants to be a free bird but her family insists on making her get married after her graduation.

Singhania family:

Shakuntala Singhania: Mother of Vikram Singhania and the widow of Rajvanshi Singhania (Vikram's father). She loves her family the most but she appears strict when it comes to her grandson Raghav's future. She knows that he isn't quite serious about getting married and hence she spends time in finding the best wife for her grandson.

Vikram Singhania: A business man who owns an empire of 5000 crores. He is an obedient son, loving husband and a strict father.

Gauri Singhania: Being a mother, she has always let Raghav live his own life. She believes in the modern world and runs a posh beauty parlor. For her, her status and appearance in society is all that matters after her family.

Prem Singhania: Younger brother of Raghav and the son of Vikram and Gauri. He is an obedient son and he loves his elder brother a lot.

Kapoor Family: 

Harivanash Kapoor: Kalpana's grandfather. He works for the income tax department and honesty is his first policy. He loves his grand daughter a lot and pampers her too.

Sunaina Kapoor: Kalpana's grandmother. She is a housewife and has always helped her children to fulfill their dreams. She loves Kalpana a lot and always argues with Kalpana's dad when it comes to her grand daughter's wishes.

Rajeev Kapoor: A lawyer by profession and Kalpana's father. He is strict at times but loves his wife and only daughter Kalpana a lot. He respects his parents as well but he does not approve when they try to pamper Kalpana at times as he fears that she might get spoiled because of their pampering.

Kasturi Kapoor: A housewife and Kalpana's mother. She wants to get her daughter married after completing her graduation as she believes in the old customs and traditions. 

Preeti Kapoor: Sister of Rajeev and aunt of Kalpana. She is unmarried and after her fiance died, she never got a boy who was interested in getting married to her. She loves Kalpana a lot and always supports her in her wrongs and rights.

Priya Raizada: Kalpana's best friend and an aspiring fashion designer. She is a bit amateur but playful in nature.


Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Ragna SS: Anyone can fall in love anytime

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Here is a character sketch:

Raghav Singhania: A boy who was quite cheerful and loving turns out hating everyone and becomes rude and arrogant due to the loss of his mother at the age of 10. He only loves his father and his bhabi (sister-in-law) a lot and cannot bear any comments against his family members.

Kalpana Jadhav: A girl who is bubbly and mischievous and loves playing pranks with everyone. She comes from a middle class family and has just lost her father at the age of 8 while her mother dies when she was 2 years old. (She is not at all sacrificing and humble like in EMA LOL)

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Vikram Singhania (Raghav's father): He is a noble and humble man and the sarpanch (head) of the village. He loves all the people of the village and always does justice with them. He is the friend of Rajeev Jadhav (Kalpana's father) and so agrees to get his son Raghav married to Kalpana Jadhav. He is always strict with his son Raghav and wants Raghav to become polite with others but his son never listens to him.

Sunaina Singhania (Raghav's babhi): She is a widow of Rohit Singhania (Raghav's brother) and is living in the Singhania house. She loves Raghav a lot and treats him like her son and respects Vikram. She is fond of Kalpana too.


Rajeev Jadhav: A middle class man who loves his daughter a lot and is a father and mother to her as her mother died when she was only 2 years old. He is the friend of Vikram Singhania and when he comes to know of his sickness and that he is going to die soon, he requests Vikram to get his daughter married to Raghav even though it's a child marriage as he wants to be sure that his daughter is in safe hands after his death.


Previous Chapters

Chapter 39
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Updated Chapters:

Chapter 49c
Chapter 49d

Friday, 16 January 2015

Ragna SS: Haunted House (A house with many secrets)

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Character sketch:

Raghav Singhania: A 28-year-old business tycoon who lost his parents when he was 6 years old. He has been living with his care taker Rajesh for years and he is a father figure to Raghav. He is the sole founder of Singhania Industries in Panchgani and the company has branches all over the world. He is calm and composed in nature. He is polite to his employees but he does not believe in having friends and is considered to be a loner.

Kalpana Kapoor: A 23-year-old girl who has lost her parents at the age of 10 and has been living in a hostel since childhood. She remains away from relationships as she fears that if she is close to someone, she might lose the person. She is a graduate in English literature and loves to read books and works as a Content Writer.

Rajesh: Works for Raghav in his house and after Raghav's mother and father died, he has been looking after him and he stays with him in his mansion.

Preeti Kapoor: Kalpana's aunt. She loves Kalpi as her own daughter and as much as she loves her own son Prem.

Rajeev Kapoor: Kalpana's paternal uncle. He is strict by nature and he was not in favor of Kalpana living all by herself in the hostel but after Preeti's approval, he agreed for the same.

Prem Kapoor: Kalpana's cousin brother. He is very playful and a prankster by nature. He loves Kalpana a lot and treats her as his own real sister.


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