Thursday, 31 December 2015

Ragna SS: Love & Lust


Today is my first day and it will be the first time when some will touch me, my body and my soul. I don't know what will be the feeling of being touched by a person whom I don't even know. He will be my first customer.

CUSTOMER' This term hurts me so much. I never ever wanted to come in this field and today here I am sitting in a room of a hotel, waiting to lose my virginity.

I can't even cry as this job has been chosen by me. I have willingly stepped in to this dark world and now I need to control my emotions no matter how disgusted I am feeling right now. I...I need to do this and I need to satisfy my customer. I am being paid for this and I have to make him happy no matter what he does to my body.

Carol mam has told me that the customer will be polite and not be cruel with me but still I am scared. I need to control myself and not make my emotions come in my way. You need to satisfy your customer Kalpana. Smile and show that you are happy doing this job.

I hear a knock at the door and I compose myself. I arrange my top and my short skirt. This dress was given to me by Carol so that the customer gets seduced and enjoys himself. After all, he is paying for this. However, I am feeling very uncomfortable with this skirt as it's too short and my stomach is visible from this top. I can't even cover it.

I take a deep breath and wear the shoes. The heels are so big but I have learnt how to walk with them.

I walk faster towards the door and open it. I smile as I notice my customer before me. He looks stylish and rich. After all, Carol only works with business men who can pay her fees.

This man looks damn handsome and dashing. He doesn't look like a man who needs to pay for this but no matter what, I need to satisfy him today. He crosses his legs before me and checks my dress out. I feel he has noticed I am uncomfortable with my skirt and so I stand straight before him and widen my smile saying "Come in Sir."

He smiles, stuffs his one hand in his pocket and second hand on the hinges of the door. He walks inside the room and I just love his style of walking. He looks around the room and I ask him "What would you like to have sir?"


I look into his eyes and see the desire for me. I feel choked for a moment and try to behave calmly. His perfume is mesmerizing and I feel an unknown attraction towards him.

He comes near and whispers with a smirk "I paid for you right. So come let's start."


Chapter 2