Saturday, 4 July 2015

Ragna SS: I'm Watching You (A psychopath killer)

Character Sketch:

Main characters:

Kalpana Raichand: A 22-year-old girl. She is far away from the girls of her age who believe in friendship and love and she believes in achieving something on her own. She is straight forward and has a reserved nature. Her main focus is her studies and being independent to support her family.

Raghav Singhania: A 26-year-old boy. He is very calm and composed by nature. He studies in the same college as Kalpana and considers her as a friend.

Raichand Family:

Vikram Raichand: Kalpana's father and a retired judge. He always fought for the truth and his decisions have always been right except for one case that changed his life and so he took a voluntary retirement.

Kasturi Raichand: Kalpana's mother and Vikram's wife. She is a homemaker.

Rohan Raichand: Kalpana's 10-year-old brother. He is a prankster but he loves his sister a lot and is her darling brother.

Raizada Family:

Rajeev Raizada: Vikram's best friend and a retired police officer.

Arnav Raizada: A 28-year-old professor of a college and Rajeev's only son. He is also a friend of Kalpana.

Other characters:

Prem Kapoor: A 24-year-old boy. He is Kalpana's college friend and he has a soft corner for Kalpana He has expressed his love for her but since Kalpana doesn't believe in love, she ignores his feelings but does respect him as a friend.